OctoNus External Cuts gallery

You can extend the list of cuts in the Pacor, Helium and DiamCalc software with your original cuts using external cut modules. External cut module is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that holds the geometry structure of one or several cuts and contains necessary geometrical calculations. Read the detailed descriptions


4 September 2008 - new shapes of DLL cuttings versions 1.2 are available.
Download New DLL cuttings from download page

Cushion P24C32B

Download CushionP24C32B.dll (New version 1.2; 4 September 2008)

CushionP24C32B CushionP24C32B CushionP24C32B
Cushion P28C32B

Download CushionP28C32B.dll (New version 1.2; 4 September 2008)

CushionP28C32B CushionP28C32B CushionP28C32B
Cushion P32C32B

Download CushionP32C32B.dll (New version 1.2; 4 September 2008)

CushionP32C32B CushionP32C32B CushionP32C32B
Cushion PM4 PG16 PH24 C32

Download Cushion_PM4_PG16_PH24_C32.dll (New version 1.2; 4 September 2008)

Cushion_PM4_PG16_PH24_C32 Cushion_PM4_PG16_PH24_C32 Cushion_PM4_PG16_PH24_C32
Cushion PM4 PG4 PH16 C32

Download Cushion_PM4_PG4_PH16_C32.dll (New version 1.2; 4 September 2008)

Cushion_PM4_PG4_PH16_C32 Cushion_PM4_PG4_PH16_C32 Cushion_PM4_PG4_PH16_C32
Cushion PM4 PG8 PH16 C32 Flat

Download Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_C32_Flat.dll (New version 1.2; 4 September 2008)

Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_C32_Flat Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_C32_Flat Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_C32_Flat
Cushion PM4 PG8 PH16 C32 Strong

Download Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_C32_Strong.dll (New version 1.2; 4 September 2008)

Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_C32_Strong Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_C32_Strong Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_C32_Strong
Cushion PM4 PG8 PH16 Pbrill C32

Download Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_Pbrill_C32.dll (New version 1.2; 4 September 2008)

Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_Pbrill_C32 Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_Pbrill_C32 Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_Pbrill_C32
Cushion PM4 PG8 PH24 C32

Download Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH24_C32.dll (New version 1.2; 4 September 2008)

Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH24_C32 Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH24_C32 Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH24_C32
Cushion PM4 PG8 PH24 Pbrill C32

Download Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH24_Pbrill_C32.dll (New version 1.2; 4 September 2008)

Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH24_Pbrill_C32 Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH24_Pbrill_C32 Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH24_Pbrill_C32
Cushion PM8 PG4 PH16 C32

Download Cushion_PM8_PG4_PH16_C32.dll (New version 1.2; 4 September 2008)

Cushion_PM8_PG4_PH16_C32 Cushion_PM8_PG4_PH16_C32 Cushion_PM8_PG4_PH16_C32
Emerald P32C24

Download EmeraldP32C24.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

EmeraldP32C24 EmeraldP32C24 EmeraldP32C24
Princess P44C44

Download PrincessP44C44.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

PrincessP44C44 PrincessP44C44 PrincessP44C44
Princess P52C44

Download PrincessP52C44.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

PrincessP52C44 PrincessP52C44 PrincessP52C44

3 September 2008 - new versions 1.2 of DLL cuttings are available. The new versions of DLL are developed for more fast optimization.
Download New versions of DLL cuttings from download page


Cushion P36C32

Download CushionP36C32.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

CushionP36C32 CushionP36C32 CushionP36C32
Marquise wBT P24C3

Download MarquiseWBT_P24C32.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

MarquiseWBT_P24C32 MarquiseWBT_P24C32 MarquiseWBT_P24C32
Moon Marquise P34C32

Download MoonMarquise_P34C32.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008 *Fixed bug)

MoonMarquise_P34C32 MoonMarquise_P34C32 MoonMarquise_P34C32
Moon Marquise P36C32

Download MoonMarquise_P36C32.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008 *Fixed bug)

MoonMarquise_P36C32 MoonMarquise_P36C32 MoonMarquise_P36C32
Moon Marquise WBT P32C32

Download MoonMarquiseWBT_P32C32.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

MoonMarquiseWBT_P32C32 MoonMarquiseWBT_P32C32 MoonMarquiseWBT_P32C32
Moon Marquise WBT P36C32

Download MoonMarquiseWBT_P36C32.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

MoonMarquiseWBT_P36C32 MoonMarquiseWBT_P36C32 MoonMarquiseWBT_P36C32
Moon Oval P36C32

Download MoonOval_P36C32.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008 *Fixed bug)

MoonOval_P36C32 MoonOval_P36C32 MoonOval_P36C32
Moon Oval WBT P36C32

Download MoonOvalWBT_P36C32.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

MoonOvalWBT_P36C32 MoonOvalWBT_P36C32 MoonOvalWBT_P36C32
Moon Pear WBT P32C32

Download MoonPearWBT_P32C32.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

MoonPearWBT_P32C32 MoonPearWBT_P32C32 MoonPearWBT_P32C32
Moon Pear WBT P36C32

Download MoonPearWBT_P36C32.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

MoonPearWBT_P36C32 MoonPearWBT_P36C32 MoonPearWBT_P36C32
Moon Pear WBT P36C32A

Download MoonPearWBT_P36C32A.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

MoonPearWBT_P36C32A MoonPearWBT_P36C32A MoonPearWBT_P36C32A
Octagon Emerald P32C24

Download OctagonEmerald_P32C24.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

OctagonEmerald_P32C24 OctagonEmerald_P32C24 OctagonEmerald_P32C24
Octagon P32C24

Download Octagon_P32C24.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

Octagon_P32C24 Octagon_P32C24 Octagon_P32C24

Download Pear.dll (Version 1.1; 6 October 2008)

Pear Pear Pear
Pear WBT P24C32

Download PearWBT_P24C32.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

PearWBT_P24C32 PearWBT_P24C32 PearWBT_P24C32

Download Parallelepiped.dll (12 September 2008)

Parallelepiped Parallelepiped Parallelepiped
Radiant P28C24

Download Radiant_P28C24.dll (New version 1.2; 3 September 2008)

Radiant_P28C24 Radiant_P28C24 Radiant_P28C24

These DLL cuts are created by OctoNus Software

Download All DLL cuttings from download page
Read details how to install and use DLL cuttings (exernal cus modules)

*Bug notice: three DLL cuttings MoonMarquise_P34C32MoonMarquise_P36C32 and MoonOval_P36C32 has wrong weight calculation (mass is increased by 4%) in the previous versions of DLL (Version 1.1). This bug is fixed in the new versions of DLL (Version 1.2)