DM-Xray is a software constructing precise and simplified polygonal 3D models from X-Ray voxel data. At the moment it supports as an input reconstructed X-Ray voxel data projects from Bruker and Neoscan X-Ray scanners.

In the diamond industry, DM-Xray is used for the reconstruction of simplified and accurate models of diamond surface and surface of inclusions. The surface of the diamond is reconstructed automatically with cavities, blind holes, and other non-convex elements of the surface, that cannot be built accurately, for example, in a Helium Polish scanner. Mineral inclusions and cracks could be plotted automatically (except carbon inclusions).

Accuracy and Application

What is the accuracy and application of reconstructed by DM-Xray models?

  • For rough diamonds, we can obtain a polygonal model with an accuracy of up to 5 microns. All non-convex elements (cavities, holes), mineral inclusions are built automatically. The resulting model with inclusions could be exported to the Oxygen terminal program and used for planning solutions
  • For semi-polish and polish diamonds DM-Xray automatically detects plane facets and improves the accuracy of the reconstructed model in plane parts. The average angle accuracy for plane facets could be up to 0.03 degrees. The model will also save a very precise (up to 10-20 micron deep) cavity and open cracks, so it is suitable for recut.